RSS Feed Items to Custom Meta Fields

Is it possible to add RSS Feed items to custom meta fields in a Custom Post Type?

I am using CrocoBlocks' Jet Engine to create Custom Post Types. I do have both the Custom Post Type and the Meta Fields set to be visible to the Rest API.

I am able to create a post from an RSS feed to the custom post type, but the custom Meta Fields do not appear as options to map the RSS fields to.

I have also tried to Get a Post by Post ID, thinking that might reveal the meta fields. However, I receive the following response.

Code: rest_post_invalid_id
Message: Invalid post ID.
Data Status: 404



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Hey @SheaOliver

Seems like the Post Id whcih you were passing the WordPress actually doesn't exist and because of that, you are getting an error.

Please check for the post once in your WordPress and then try again with an existing post.

Thanks for the reply, but that is not correct. If you hit Save & Send Test Response on post id 984, it comes back with:


However, if you use one of the Custom Post Type posts, such as 1000, then this is the reply


Post 1000 exists here:

However, my preference of Getting a Post, would be to Create a Post in a Custom Post Type with Custom Meta Data, and be able to pass fields into the custom meta data fields.


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Hey @SheaOliver

The "Get a Post by Id" action event can only get the default mentioned post type by It will not get the custom post types from WordPress itself.

Further, our tech team is looking into the workaround on the same. We shall notify you with an update soon.