Rss feed step -regarding


Hi sir,

We have tried pabbly rss step , but which is not fulfill our requirement .

Why because?

we have used the following rss feed url:

In that feed url response output has image and tags tag but when we use this url in pabbly rss feed step, we have not received image and tags tag.

so kindly do the needful to us .

note: when we use zapier for rss feed step, we have received image and tags in response output


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We have checked this with the technical team and currently, we don't support fetching images and tags with RSS integration. We have noted this requirement and should support this as well in the future when we will be updating the RSS integration. We shall notify you once we start supporting this -
We are happy to announce that, our RSS feed trigger is now supporting fetching images as shown below:


Kindly, check the same at your end and let us know if you need further assistance.