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Hi Team, I am looking to post website contents to Facebook Pages or Group, but i am finding difficulties, I have limited task, i want to run automation like fetching content from my website & posting to Facebook page, but my problem is here my website is automated website so, it triggers more than 100 post in a days & if i run work flow, in a day all my 100 task will be utilize so better i am looking to wait for every 24 hrs.' to check new feeds & post only one content to Facebook page it runs like every day only one post contents post on Facebook page not all 100 posts available on website..


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Hey @Vijayrkm

To delay the website article from getting posted on your Facebook you can try the "Delay" action step after the trigger event of 24 hours which will publish one article every 24 hours or you can set the time according to your need.

You can watch the video tutorial on the Delay action step for a better understanding.