SELFSOLVED: More than one Workflow from Stripe are not working

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I've been experiencing some troubles with my workflows that starts with a Stripe webhook. My question is if there can be more than one workflow starting on Stripe or not.

The situation:
  • Workflow 1:
    1. Stripe Webhook checkout completed
    2. Format number (to separate euros from cents in the amount paid because I receive it together)
    3. Filter if step 2 Result is equal to 33€
    4. Format date
    5. Format text to separate name from surname
    6. Send to Mailerlite
    7. Add new row to a Google Sheet
  • Workflow 2:
    • Exactly the same as Workflow 1 but on step 3 the filter is if the result is equal to 28€
So as you can see I have the exactly same workflow with the only difference on the filter by amount. In fact, I cloned the first one to make the second one. Well, the problem is that workflow 1 is working, but workflow 2 not. The 1 is receiving data and processing tasks but the 2 not as you can see on the image attached.

Can somebody help me with that? I need several workflows for different products and stripe accounts (this case is on the same stripe account).

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