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Sending Verification Form Link via Email for Affiliate Requests in Pabbly Subscription Billing (Affiliate Settings)

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Sending Verification Form Link via Email for Affiliate Requests in Pabbly Subscription Billing

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on managing affiliate requests efficiently using Pabbly Subscription Billing. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your affiliate portal, creating a verification form, automating the verification process, and ensuring everything works seamlessly. Follow these detailed steps to enhance your affiliate program's effectiveness and streamline your verification process.

1. Setting up the Affiliate Portal in Pabbly Subscription Billing​

To start, you'll need to ensure that your affiliate portal is correctly set up in Pabbly Subscription Billing. This portal will serve as the main hub for your affiliates, providing them with necessary information, tracking, and resources.​

Step 1: Log in to Your Pabbly Subscription Billing Account​

Begin by logging into your Pabbly Subscription Billing account. Navigate to the affiliate section in the dashboard.​

Step 2: Creating an Affiliate Portal in Pabbly Subscription Billing​

After accessing the Affiliate section of your Pabbly Subscription Billing account, the next crucial step is to configure your affiliate settings to best suit your business requirements. This involves several components that allow for a customized and efficient affiliate program. By creating the affiliate portal, you provide a seamless platform for users to register and submit their affiliate requests.​

Step 3: Finding Your Affiliate Portal URL​

After creating your affiliate portal, you will find the URL of your affiliate portal in the settings section. This URL is crucial as it's the link through which new members can fill in their details and apply to become your affiliate. Sharing this URL on your website, social media, or through direct invitations will help grow your affiliate network efficiently.​

2. Creating an Online Form for Affiliate Verification​

To create a seamless verification process for affiliates, you can follow these steps.​

Step 1: Use a Form Building Application​

Start by selecting a platform like Google Forms or any other form building application that you are comfortable with. These tools make it easy to create customized forms for collecting affiliate details.​

Step 2: Gather Necessary Details and Documents​

Once you have the form ready, it's important to determine the information you need from affiliates. Consider collecting essential documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, contact details, and any other relevant data for verification purposes.​

3. Setting Up Automation with Pabbly Connect​

Step 1: Creating a New Workflow​

  • Log into Pabbly Connect and select ‘Create Workflow’.
  • Name your workflow for easy identification, e.g., "Affiliate Verification Process".

Step 1: Connect Pabbly Subscription Billing with Pabbly Connect​

  • In Pabbly Connect, create a new workflow connecting Pabbly Subscription Billing as the trigger.
  • Configure the trigger to receive new affiliate request events.


  • Access your Pabbly Subscription Billing account.
  • Set up a Webhook URL within your Pabbly Subscription Billing settings for receiving Affiliate Request notifications. This Webhook will capture data from affiliate signups in real-time.


  • Perform a test signup on your affiliate portal to validate the Webhook setup. Ensure that the Webhook captures and reflects the test signup details accurately in Pabbly Connect.
  • Successful capture of the details signifies properly integrating your Pabbly Subscription Billing account with Pabbly Connect. This setup ensures that every new affiliate request on Pabbly Subscription Billing is automatically reflected in Pabbly Connect, complete with user details.


Step 2: Send Verification Email​

  • Configure the action in Pabbly Connect to send an email using Gmail as the action event.
  • Map the recipient's email address from the affiliate request data received in Pabbly Subscription Billing.
  • Personalize the email content by mapping details like the first name of the affiliate.
  • Include the verification form link in the email for the affiliate to submit necessary documents.

After setting up the automation workflow, it is crucial to test its functionality to ensure everything works as intended.​
  • If necessary, make any adjustments to your workflow based on the test.
  • Once satisfied, your setup is complete, and you’re ready to automate affiliate verification requests efficiently.
Congratulations on setting up a streamlined process for handling affiliate verification requests through Pabbly Subscription Billing! This setup not only saves you time but also provides a smooth experience for your prospective affiliates.​
You can also watch the tutorial "How to Send Verification Form Link on Email for Affiliate Requests in Pabbly Subscription Billing" available on the Pabbly Connect YouTube channel. This video will provide you with a better understanding and practical insights into implementing the steps discussed.​
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