Stripe Connection update Issue



I am having issues with connecting my Stripe after the recent updates within pabbly.

This has worked in the past, however, I now have a error icon over the following action - Split text (deprecated) which also causes issues on the following task - router by pabbly.

I require assistance with setting up a new charge pabbly link with Stripe, this seems to be challenging given the video tutorials do not match what I have previously actioned.

Thank you


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Hey @neelb

It appears that you haven't captured the webhook response yet, so please follow the given steps once and then try again.

To use the "New Charge" webhook trigger event in Stripe, you need to perform the following steps:

Set up a webhook endpoint: To receive notifications from Stripe, you need to set up a webhook endpoint in your server that can receive and process the payloads sent by Stripe.

Configure the webhook in your Stripe account: In your Stripe dashboard, navigate to the "Webhooks" section, and click on "Add Endpoint". Enter the URL of your webhook endpoint and select the "Charge" event type.

Verify the webhook: Stripe will send a test event to your endpoint to verify that it is working correctly. You should write code to handle this event and return a successful HTTP status code.

Start receiving events: After verifying the webhook, you will start receiving "New Charge" events every time a new charge is created in your Stripe account. Your code should be prepared to handle this event and process the data in the payload to perform the desired action.