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STRIPE 3D Verification

Your Task History ID
Hi all, I have been pointed the forum from the Facebook group by @Fagun Shah :)

I am having an issue with STRIPE 3D secure and I am just wondering if someone has come across and possibly solve this issue.

I have a client that is using Go High Level. She takes an initial payment via an order form and this goes through STRIPE and charges the card with no issues.

If someone books onto a calendar session she wishes to charge the customer automatically 48 hours before the appointment. To my surprise GHL cannot do this via an automation so I used a webhook to send the user to Pabbly.

Pabbly then gets the user ID via Email address from STRIPE before I send of a request to initiate a payment so my workflow in Pabbly is:

  1. Webhook from GHL
  2. STRIPE: Get User ID by Email
  3. STRIPE initiate a payment
This all goes through to STRIPE and a charge is put to the card. The issue is that 3D Secure Verification kicks in which needs the user to verify. The issue is that the user never gets the prompt so the payment sits waiting to authorisation.

I have tried Pabbly >> STRIPE Charge Card but STRIPE tells me I must use Initiate Payment action.

Ask anyone solved this issue with 3D verification?

I was wondering if I could crate subscription and then only bill ad hoc? I am not sure if this would solve the verification issue?

thanks all :)


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Hey @robertdicks

We are not sure what Stripe provides endpoints in its API documentation to handle 3D Secure verification. But the specific endpoint you would need to use depends on the integration method you're using with Stripe.

If you're using the Payment Intents action step, you can follow the guide on "Handling 3D Secure Card Payments" in the Stripe documentation. It explains how to initiate a payment with 3D Secure authentication and handles the result.

If you're using the Charge a Card action step, Stripe might automatically handle 3D Secure authentication for applicable transactions.

Thank you for your reply. I have tried Charge A Card, one thing I cannot find is how I get the ID of the card back from STRIPE?

From Pabbly it says:

A payment source to be charged. This can be the ID of a card (i.e., credit or debit card), a bank account, a source, a token, or a connected account. For certain sources—namely, cards, bank accounts, and attached sources—you must also pass the ID of the associated customer.

Just wondering how I retrieve these from STRIPE via Pabbly

Any help would be extremely welcome, I may loose a client over this!
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Kindly try the "Stripe: Retrieve a Charge by ID" action step to get the Card's Id.