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Team Member

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If you're working as a team and utilizing Pabbly Subscription Billing, the current setup restricts access to the application to only one user, who holds the login credentials. To grant access or oversight of the account to other team members, it's necessary to share these login credentials.

However, there's a more efficient approach available. By using the "Team Member" feature within Pabbly Subscription Billing, you can now seamlessly add other team members. This allows you to provide them with access to the application, enabling them to both utilize its functionalities and monitor its operations. This eliminates the need for sharing login credentials and enhances the overall teamwork experience.

Types of Access

  • Full Account Access: Team members with this level of access have extensive control over the account. They not only gain access to all features but also possess the authority to make changes similar to the account owner.

  • Read-Only Access: Team members at this access level are empowered to oversee the account exclusively. Nevertheless, they are restricted from making any modifications to the account's configuration.
The following sections will be hidden for team members -
  • API page access
  • Payment method tokens
  • Team member's page
Points To Remember
  • You can add multiple team members and share account access with them.
  • Team member's access can be upgraded from Read-only access to Full access and vice-versa.
  • Team members with Full access can make any changes to the account.
  • Team member's access can be removed by using the Remove access option.
  • Ensure that all team members have a Pabbly account to use the team member feature.
  • Account access is categorized into two types: Full access and Read-only access.
  • Team members with Full access possess the capability to make changes like account owners.
  • Team members with Read-only access are limited to monitoring the account and are unable to make any changes.
  • Account owners cannot add themselves as 'Team Member'.
How to add team members?
1. Login to your Pabbly Subscription Billing account.

2. Navigate to "Settings" from the Pabbly Subscription Billing dashboard. Click on the "Team Member" tab and you will be navigated to the team members page as shown below:


3. Click on the "Add Team Member" button as shown below:


4. As soon as you click on the "Add Team Member" button, a popup box will appear as shown below. Now enter the Email address of the team member and "select the permission for the user" from the drop-down that you wish to provide to your team member.


5. After entering your email address and type of permission, click on the 'Add' button. It will add your team member and will display the name of that team member and the type of access you have provided as shown below:


How to update the team member access?
In the team member page, hover on the name of the member that you want to update and click on the 'three dots'. This will give you the option to update the access from Read-Only to full access and vice-versa.


How to remove team member access?
In the team member page, hover on the name of the member that you want to upgrade and click on the 'three dots' this will give you the option to Remove the access.


How to access the Pabbly Subscription Billing account as a team member?
Navigate to "Settings" from your Pabbly Subscription Billing dashboard. Click on the "Team Member" tab and you will be navigated to the team members page. Now go to 'Account Access Shared With You' and click on 'Access Now'.


As you click on Access Now, you will be redirected to the Account Owner's account and you will be able to access the account as per the access granted to you by the account owner.


Terminologies related to Team Member feature:

1. Permissions:
There are two types of permissions that an account owner can grant to the team members.
  • Full Account Access: User with same rights as that of account owner.

  • Read-Only Access: User with only viewer rights, this particular user cannot make any changes to the account.
2. Account Owner: One who has created the Pabbly Account with his email address. He has full access and can provide full or read-only access to team members.

3. Team Members: Users from the team with whom the account owner can share/provide access

4. Account Access Shared With You: This section shows the list of accounts that you can access or other users who have shared their access with you.

5. Update Access: This feature is primarily utilized for updating team member access. For example, if a team member 'A' has Read-Only access and you intend to upgrade the same user's access to full access, this option facilitates a seamless transition. The same option is used to update the access from Full Access to Read-Only access.

6. Remove Access: To remove the access of the team member.

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