Trouble uploading Facebook questionnaire lead fields to Google sheet


Have you ever had the problem where, after delivering a test lead, some of the new lead fields from a Facebook questionnaire do not come through? Have you specifically had issues where the initial question doesn't show up and prevents you from choosing and uploading an option to a Google sheet? If yes, what would be the possible causes of this issue and how might it be fixed? When adding all of the options in the list doesn't work, have you tried any other alternatives or workarounds? Does it make a difference that question number 0 is the missing lead field as well?

advance thank you for help


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Hey @Vyd

As we can see from your first workflow, you have captured the webhook response in advance response and to extract the relative details from the JSON you can use the "JSON Extractor" action step.


Further, in the second workflow, we can see that you correctly mapped all the data in the Google Sheets action step.

Though it looks like you might have exhausted all your task and because of that you might not be able to run your automation any further. So, please get a subscription and execute your Facebook leads for future automation.