tuCalendi payment integration

Hi, I am looking for an integration between tuCalendi and Copecart (my payment provider) or Digistore24 if it is easier. As far as I have learned it will not be possible to integrate like I wish (user makes appointment, will be redirectet to Copecart (or Digistore24) and after payment he will get confirmation mail from tuCalendi). Not possible, right?
However, someone in this forum asked to forward the filled out data from calendly to razorpay. I wonder if this could be a workaround for tucalendi and Copecart (or Digistore24) as well. But I can't find the copecart or Digistore24 App for action.
Any other ideas?
Thanks, Sophie


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Hey @Sophieja23

Currently, the CopeCart or DigiStore24 is not available on the platform but you may post the submission to add the integration on the platform here - https://pabbly.hellonext.co/

Our integration team will look into it and add it accordingly. Perhaps then your use case might be possible to integrate.