Updating a Clickup Task with its own Custom Fields

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Before the workflow in question, I have a workflow that takes information from a Google form and places them into a new Clickup Task with Custom Fields. This form gathers information needed to create a YouTube Video.

In a second workflow, I would like to accomplish the following:

1: TRIGGER: Any Clickup Task in a specific list is updates to a specific status.
2: Gather selected Custom Fields from that task into Pabbly.
3: Create a Task Comment using the Coming Fields that will have the YouTube Title and Description.
4: Add that created task back into the same ClickUp Task that the custom fields were gathered from.

Here's what I've accomplished so far and the questions that I have about the process:



This allows me to grab any updated task in the entire workspace. I know that it's a "Free Task" but I'd rather only have tasks in a specific list is updates to a specific status.

Q-01: How do I only trigger this workflow when a task in the list and specific status is updated?



Using this step, I am able to select the custom fields for the tasks in the specific list. But there is no indication that only the specific status update will start the workflow.

Q-02: How do I make sure this is triggered only by those tasks that get changed to a specific status?



I don't know if this is the right step to take in my workflow.

I want to have these six fields to be used in the custom message.

Q-03: What is the correct "step" to use to extract the data from the custom fields for future steps?



This screen shot is from an "Action : Do this 5. ClickUp : Create a Task Comment"

I like how I'm able to insert the comment into the task that was pulled in from the Task (See "Task" 3. Id : 3pc17ge")

I also like the long message I'm able to add to the task using the fields from the previous steps.

Q-04: What am I missing to get the "Custom Fields" from the original Click-up Task to be able to "Create a Task Comment" as shown in the last image?

Thank you very much,

Greg SigmaXD


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Hey @SigmaXD

You can simply use the "ClickUp: Find Task by Task Id" action step to get the custom fields of the task which has attached to it.

Kindly check out the following screenshot for your better understanding.

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