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Upload Video to Youtube from Glideapp


Dear Community

We are asking the same questions in Glideapp community

Basically when we upload the video link to Pabbly, it works. However the task in pabbly cannot be accomplished with error - i.e Upload video to Youtube3.jpg.

Please see attached.

Any advise?

Thanks in advance for any response and help.


  • Glide Video Link.jpg
    Glide Video Link.jpg
    50.5 KB · Views: 14
  • Webhook To Retrieve data from Glide.jpg
    Webhook To Retrieve data from Glide.jpg
    119.4 KB · Views: 14
  • Upload video to Youtube.jpg
    Upload video to Youtube.jpg
    115.2 KB · Views: 16
  • Upload video to Youtube 2.jpg
    Upload video to Youtube 2.jpg
    109.1 KB · Views: 12
  • Upload video to Youtube 3.jpg
    Upload video to Youtube 3.jpg
    159.1 KB · Views: 13


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