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I have created a workflow with a webhook, but it is not getting triggered. How can I tell whether the trigger is being received? Would this show in my history?

I was previously using a webhook to send to Zapier and it added a row in Google Sheets.

The webhook I created with Pabbly should trigger new bookings in Probooking to update a record in an Airtable base. I can't test this as the data I have in Airtable is different from the dummy record sent from Probooking. However, nothing happens when I create a new appointment in Probooking.

I thought I would try something simpler today.

I set up a workflow to insert a row in Google Sheets when I update/create a contact in Google Contacts.
The test works fine. Some time after I actually create a contact in Google Contacts, a new row in Google Sheets is created.

This at least confirms that one workflow is working.

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So I guess the fact that it isn't suggests that the webhook may not be being received by Pabbly?
Which was indeed the case. I had added the webhook and pressed Test Link, but hadn't actually pressed Update!
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I did not understand the question.

If you want to double check that if pabbly's webhook URL is capturing the data coming is way or not then watch this video -


Thanks for the video link.

I answered my own question, and am ok now.

I had entered Pabbly's webhook link into Probooking but had not clicked "Update" so it was still set to my Zapier webhook.