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Woocommerce map range of fields and send via Whatsapp

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I'm currently working with Woocommerce and found out that only the fields I configure are the ones that are displayed in the template. This is correct when you have one order with one single product. But, when I tried to create an order with 2, 3, 4 or more products only the first is listed.

Scenario 1: An order with one single product only.
Result: Order was sent correctly via WhatsApp. [ SUCCESSFULL ]

Line Items 0 Name = Ice Cream
Line Items 0 Metada Data 0 Value = Chocolate
Line Items 0 Metada Data 1 Value = Strawberry

Scenario 2: An Order with two products.
Result: Second product not listed in the WhatsApp template message because the exact metadata fields were not mapped in Pabbly Connect. [ FAILED ]

Product 1:
Line Items 0 Name = Ice Cream
Line Items 0 Metada Data 0 Value = Chocolate
Line Items 0 Metada Data 1 Value = Strawberry

Product 2:
Line Items 1 Name = Hamburguer
Line Items 1 Metada Data 0 Value = Super Cheese
Line Items 1 Metada Data 1 Value = Onions
Line Items 1 Metada Data 2 Value = Bacon

We don't know what the client is going to order therefore it is a must to capture Woocommerce metadata fields in an array or range of fields because they are generated automatically based on what the client orders.
Line Items 0 Metada Data 0 Value to Line Items 0 Metada Data 10 Value
Line Items 1 Metada Data 0 Value to Line Items 0 Metada Data 10 Value

I'm currently sending two templates messages via WhatsApp in order to map until 2 products with all their features in each message.

My website is currently live so please this is extremely URGENT.

Thank you.



Staff member
Hey @Desarrollo Swiitch,

As per the workflow you provided, I noticed that your Simple Response button is currently enabled. If you want to receive details about multiple products, you will need to disable the Simple Response option. Once disabled, you will receive the response in an array format.

Please refer to the instructions in the video provided for further guidance:


Replace Google Sheets with WhatsApp
Thank you for the response. I have followed the steps in the video and created two different Line Itemizers from different sources and got arrays with these values:

Line Itemizer 1
Name: mix-it normal,ensalada de frutas con helado
Quantity: 1,1

Meta Data Key:
["yogurt","sabores","sabores","sabores extra","sabores extra","toppings","toppings","_ywapo_meta_data"],["sabores","sabores","sabores extra","sabores extra","toppings","toppings","_ywapo_meta_data"]

Meta Data Display Value:
["Chocolate","Açaí","Achachairú","Arándano (+Bs.5)","Frambuesa (+Bs.5)","Cereales (+Bs.2)","Chispas de Chocolate (+Bs.2)"],["Kiwi","Maracuyá","Dulce de Leche (+Bs.2)","Durazno (+Bs.2)","Coco (+Bs.2)","Jalea de Chocolate (+Bs.2)"]

Line Itemizer 2
Key: "swiitch srl, torre 2, calle j, piso 9,swiitch srl,no,393010021,44,-17.7253738,-63.1652666,aeropuerto viru viru,aeropuerto viru viru , , 9V26+J33, Av. G77, Santa Cruz de la Sierra,59175009840,1"

Now, I have all the values I need but How can I separate them into single fields so I can map them correctly in the WhatsApp template? Ex.

1 x mix-it normal [Yogurt=Chocolate] [Sabores=Açaí,Achachairú] [Extras=Arándano (+Bs.5),Frambuesa (+Bs.5)] [Toppings=Cereales (+Bs.2), Chispas de Chocolate (+Bs.2)]

1 x ensalada de frutas con helado [Sabores: Kiwi, Maracuyá] [Extra: Dulce de Leche (+Bs.2), Durazno (+Bs.2)], [Toppings: Coco (+Bs.2), Jalea de Chocolate (+Bs.2)]

I tried to create Line Itemizers and Woocommerce Data Extractors selecting these arrays as sources but I got error messages.

Please let me know what tool may I use to finally get the message above.

Thank you.


Staff member
Unfortunately, the situation you are describing is not possible, as splitting up Line Items individually would disrupt your workflow in the event that the number of items in your order undergoes any changes.