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Workflow consuming too many tasks


My workflow is when New Google Contact created, a new Xero contact is created. I started this workflow in May. I have only 728 contacts added to my google contacts since I started the workflow. I have consumed 915 paid tasks and 1373 free tasks in the 14 days since the monthly task allowance reset. In the last 14 days, I would not have added more than 50 new google contacts, why is it consuming 915 tasks. It should of only consumed 728 tasks since May, not 915 in the last 14 days.


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Hey @Nphillips

Given your utilization of the Google Calendar's trigger event for New or Updated Contacts, it's plausible that you may have made alterations to pre-existing contacts. Consequently, in the event of these updates, your workflow might not be initiated again.



When a new contact is created, does it trigger for all previous contacts?
This weekend, 25-26th November, the workflow triggered 400 times consuming 428 tasks, and 372 free tasks. No contacts were added or updated during this time. I checked he logs and they are all contacts that had previously been through the workflow.