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We are Absolute Jobs, a recruiting company from Belgium, and we are using Pabbly now a couple of months. We from marketing have set up several automations with Facebook ads with lead forms. The data of those lead ads are sent to specific colleagues in charge of those vacancies.

If we set the automation to send every lead directly, people would get up to 100 or more mails per day and they/we wouldn't have the overview anymore. So, that's why, we put the data in an Excel list ourselves, so that they have a better overview, and we send them the new ones by hand per day.

So, since there are more and more ads and leads we'd like to optimize this with these automation steps as an extension of the existing automation:
  1. Directly a mail to people who filled in the Facebook lead from Mailerlite from the [email protected] with thank you and question to send their cv to [email protected] (We set up campaigns in different languages, so we would need also replies in different languages, depending on the campaign)
  2. After that, we want Pabbly to send one mail per day (every morning from Monday to Friday for previous day(s)) with all new leads per campaign for a specific person (or persons), so not all leads because that would be confusing.
  3. And than add those new leads to
    1. an Excel file on Microsoft Teams if possible (or update existing file) with data in different order (Name, email, phone, .... (all filled in fields in Facebook/lead page)
    2. a specific list in Mailerlite (eg. with certain language/job focus/...)
For point 2, can the automation also create a new file (2.a) or list (2.b) when there is not one yet existing, with the name of the automation set up in Pabbly?

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We are looking into possibility with our developers. we will let you know on this yours's patience will be highly appreciated.