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Resubscribing Facebook leads to Mailerlite

Hi, my automation connecting FB lead ads to Mailerlite is working well.
But... some leads that were previosuly usubscribed (most because I'm getting rif of inactive leads periodically) are signing up again through the ads. If they have previosuly unsubscribed, ML refuses to resubscribe them, and I'm getting an automation error.
I contacted ML support, they are telling me resubscribing is only possible via ML own forms, or manually. However it seeems that resubscription is possible in Zapier (via a filter step or something similar) - can I do this is Pabbly too?
I hope! I don't really want to miss out on these resubscribes - as these people have actively asked to be subscribed again, and I have paid for the leads.
You mean the task history ID when you ask for the 'reference'?
The most recent one is this one: IjU3NmMwNTZmMDYzNDA0MzI1MjZlNTUzMDUxMzE1MTY2NTQzNiI_3D_pc
There are several more (about a dozen) on that same workflow, going back aboiut 6 weeks when I started the campaign.
I have now resubscribed manually (that last one and the ones before) but I'm sure there will be more.


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Staff member
Kindly use the following action step to resubscribe the leads again.

Thanks. Do I need to add this as an extra step? In addition to the 'add or update subscriber in the group'? Or replace that?
This is how my workflow, looks like right now - screenshot below.
I'm not sure what the 'update advanced subscriber' step is doing there, I'm pretty sure I did not add this. I only had 2 steps originally - maybe that was added by Support? Do I need this? Or do I just need 'update in group' and then 'update single subscriber'?
Thanks for clarifying.

hello again, I don't seem to be able to get this to work yet.
Does the 'resubscribe' field need to be set to False or True?And what about the 'Type' field below (not included in your screenshot so I'm not sure)
This is what I have - does that seem right or wrong?
Thanks for the extra help!



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Staff member
If the Resubscriber field is set to True, the subscriber will be re-added to your account. You can also specify the type of subscriber as Unsubscribed, Active, or Confirmed using the Type field.