Xero Create Invoice for contact - not email



I'd like to request the feature to have an alternate 'Create Invoice' In the xero app connection. The current one is valid in the event of a first use so should not be replaced.

A new one should be created 'Create Invoice By Contact ID' this si supported in the Xero docs as per (https://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/accounting/invoices/#post-invoices) eg
"Type": "ACCREC",
"Contact": {
"ContactID": "eaa28f49-6028-4b6e-bb12-d8f6278073fc"
"Date": "\/Date(1518685950940+0000)\/",
"DueDate": "\/Date(1518685950940+0000)\/",
"DateString": "2009-05-27T00:00:00",
"DueDateString": "2009-06-06T00:00:00",
"LineAmountTypes": "Exclusive",
"LineItems": [
"Description": "Consulting services as agreed (20% off standard rate)",
"Quantity": "10",
"UnitAmount": "100.00",
"AccountCode": "200",
"DiscountRate": "20"

Pabbly already has the event to find the contact ID, which can then be used to switch between this new event and the old one.

Example flow;
1) Search Contact By (Email or account number)
2) If account number is found - use account number to 'Create Invoice By Contact ID'
3) If account number is NOT found - use email and 'Create Invoice'

IF the 'Create Invoice' event could have fields for both Contact ID and email, then use the Contact ID if available, falling back to email this would greatly simplify the logic and reduce repetition.