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ActiveCampaign to Heights Platform

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Hi there,

Can someone help me with integrating Active Campaign with Heights? This is part of a larger funnel which looks like:

User completes quiz --> details are sent to ActiveCampaign, their result (1 of 5 possible) is added as a tag, and a deal is created for them ('Quiz completed') --> they are entered into an automation on AC, at the same time they are given a chance to purchase a toolkit that corresponds with their result --> if they purchase the toolkit, another tag is added, and they are moved to the next stage in the deal ('Toolkit purchased') --> they are then sent a series of emails depending on whether they purchase the toolkit or not.

The toolkits are set up as courses (and bundles) in Heights Platform. I want to set up an integration so that either when the tag relating to purchasing a toolkit is added (there are 5 different ones, as there are 5 toolkits), or when they move from the 'quiz completed' to 'toolkit purchase' stage of the deal (this would also require that a particular tag is found) they are then auto-enrolled in the relevant course/bundle in Heights.

I've tried setting this up using the 'contact tag added' event in pabbly but I can't work out how to select which specific tag it's looking for - can anyone help?

Many thanks

To update this...

I think I've got the initial workflow to work, but I now need to duplicate it for all the other toolkits. Do I need to do them all as individual workflows or can I repeat the 'search tag' action again in the same workflow?

Thank you!
Hi @ArshilAhmad

Thanks for replying. So I have 5 toolkits available. Each is set up as a course in Heights. When someone purchases a toolkit, a tag gets added to their contact in ActiveCampaign. I then want to set up an automation through pabbly that sends the details to Heights and using the tag, enrols them in the correct course. I think I probably need to do that by having 5 automations (1 for each toolkit/tag), but I was wondering whether it was possible to do them all in one, something like this:

1. AC - Contact tag is added
2. Search tag [tag 1]
3. Enrol in Toolkit 1 in Heights
4. Search tag [tag 2]
5. Enrol in Toolkit 2 in Heights
6. Search tag [tag 3]
7. Enrol in Toolkit 3 in Heights
8. Search tag [tag 4]
9. Enrol in Toolkit 4 in Heights
10. Search tag [tag 5]
11. Enrol in Toolkit 5 in Heights

As opposed to 5 automations like this:

1. AC - Contact tag is added
2. Search tag [tag 1]
3. Enrol in Toolkit 1 in Heights

1. AC - Contact tag is added
2. Search tag [tag 2]
3. Enrol in Toolkit 2 in Heights

And so on.

Hope that makes sense!




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Instead of creating separate workflows for each of your Heights courses, please utilize the Router action step. This allows you to create individual routes for each course as needed.

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