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Affiliate FAQs - https://www.pabbly.com/affiliates/

1. How much money will I earn?
You will get a 30% recurring commission on every sale you bring to us (Applicable to all recurring membership plans). For Life Time Deals, you will get a flat 20% commission.

2. When will I receive my affiliate commission?
For an affiliate to receive his earned commission, the following criteria must be fulfilled :

a) The referred sale must have completed the 60days payout period.
b) The total commission must cross the minimum payout amount, i.e. $50.

Once both the above conditions are met, the commission will be included in the Monthly Payout report which is generated on the 15th of every month. So, the Affiliates can expect a payout within 1-2 weeks of report generation.

For example: If an affiliate refers to a customer on January 7th.

There will be a waiting period of 60 days before the same customer will be added to the payout report. This 60 days delay allows us to cover the refunds or any payment disputes that happen during that period.

The payout report is generated on the 15th of every month. So, the referred customer on January 7th will be added with a delay of 60 days. So the affiliate will be eligible for the commission on 7th March for that customer.

Since the payout report is generated on the 15th of every month. The customer will be added to the subsequent payout report that will be generated on 15th March.

We take roughly 1-2 weeks to disburse the funds after the payout report is generated. So the affiliate will receive a commission for that referred customer on 7th January between 15th-30th March.

3. Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?
Self-referrals for affiliate purchases are strictly prohibited. You will not receive credit when purchasing a membership package through your own affiliate link. You may receive an automatic notification from Pabbly Subscriptions to let you know that a sale has taken place, but your affiliate payments will not include this amount.
The commission will not be generated if the custom domain of the affiliate and end-user will be the same.

4. What is a Cookie Period?
Let’s understand this with an example. When a customer lands on our website via an affiliate link, a cookie will get saved on his device and browser. However, if due for some reason, they leave the website without completing the purchase at that time but come back to our website after a few days within the cookie period and complete the payment, then also your referral will work and a commission will be generated against that sale.

Pabbly affiliate program provides a cookie period of 365 days which is the best in the industry. This allows you to get commissions for the referral that is made almost a year back.

5. Approval & Disapproval Of Commission.
We reserve the right to approve or reject ANY of your affiliate commissions on the following basis. You will have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of your affiliate commission.

Approve: The commissions are approved only when the user is still using our service and has an active account. This is subject to any of our free trial periods or 60 days after the sale has been made.

Disapprove: We disapprove of the commission when the referred client’s account is subjected to any refunds/cancellations or violates our terms and conditions.

6. What are the tax implications on Indian affiliates?
The commission amount paid to you will be inclusive of the 18% GST. You will need to send us the invoice to get your payment processed. The invoice shall include your PAN card number and GST Number(if applicable to you).

All payments will be done after deducting a 5% TDS amount from the commission payment.

We will be depositing the TDS tax payment for the commission earned against your PAN number on your behalf. If you do not fall under the tax bracket, you can claim a refund from the Government.

7. Do I need to sign-up separately for every product?
No. You just need to signup once and you will get all the affiliate links for all the products at one place on your dashboard.

8. Do I get the commission for recurring payments?
Yes, you will be paid until your referred customer stays with us.
You will get the commission from the first payment to all the recurring paid by the customer.
The commission rate for the first purchase and recurring payment is 30% respectively.

9. What is the minimum payout amount?
The minimum payout amount is the minimum commission amount that needs to be earned by the affiliate to include it in the payout report. The minimum payout amount is $50.

10. Which Click Model do we follow?
We follow the “Last Click ” model. That means, the last affiliate link, clicking on which the customer has made the sale, will be recorded in the system.

For example, 4 different affiliates, say A, B, C, and D have approached a user to make a purchase. If the user has opened the affiliate links in the following order – D’s link, C’s link, A’s link, and at last B’s link and finally purchased the product through B’s link, then the sale will be recorded against B’s affiliate referral and commission will be generated for B respectively.