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AirTable currencies integration with Pabbly cannot accept strings


It's currently impossible to send a value to an airtable with a currency field, as Pabbly is passing in strings for all values. However, for the Currency field, it requires sending it without strings.

Could someone at Pabbly create a workaround for this? Thanks!



Staff member
Hi @JeffreyYu,

In our testing, we successfully passed the value in the currency field. Please verify this on your end.



Oh, I was running it with a decimal: $0.24 and 0.24 did not work on my end. Does that work on Pabbly's end?


Well-known member
Staff member
Hey @JeffreyYu

Thank you for your patience. Regarding your concern, our technical team has updated the integration to display the currency with zero decimal places.

Please give it a try and let us know.