Automate Instagram Post to Facebook Group

Jeff Becker

I've watched the videos of how to post IG post to Facebook Group. But it ONLY posts the same video/pic over and over.

How do I automate this process so every time there's a new post on Instagram, it automatically posts into my Facebook Group? What am I doing wrong on my end?

Within Pabbly I'm copying and pasting the "Res1 Media Url" to connect. Is there something else I should be using to make this automated continuously?

Jeff Becker

Thank you for this! It's helped.

Now, what would be the issue if the last 4 or 5 posts have had a "Task Error Detail" of:
Task Error Detail:

"error > message": "Invalid appsecret_proof provided in the API argument",
"error > type": "GraphMethodException",
"error > code": 100,
"error > fbtrace_id": "AURtFPfoxjDfFc9kvPVIy54"