Awesome Support Integration


Hi there, do you know if there is a way to integrate Formidable Forms or Gravity Forms with the plugin Awesome Support?
They have an add-on for Gravity for works only half the time, I need a more robust solution.


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Hey @mcostales84

Currently, we don't have any integration with Awesome Support. If you want to request for building up new integrations, please send us the request here and upvote it -

However, if Awesome Support supports Webhook or API then you can use Webhook or API by Pabbly module and can connect it and fetch the data.



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Hey @mcostales84

That is perfect, if the application provides the API documentation, you may now post the request to add the integration here -

Our integration team will look into it and add it accordingly.

Further, if you have knowledge of using the API, then you may use the "API by Pabbly" action step also you can refer to the following video tutorial on how you can use it.