Best Practice for Subscribers Who Did Not Add Payment Method?


Hi there,

I have set up a checkout page, and often it happens that people fill in the basic information about themselves (name, country, state), but when they are prompted to add their PayPal information, they abandon the process.
I get two webhook events: "subscription_create" and "customer_create", and that's very fine (even though I don't get the point in getting both, one of them would be enough).
However, now I - in theory - have the name, email, and country of the lead: So,

1) can I do anything smarter than sending them a link to the same checkout page, where they will have to enter the same information again?
2) If I just send them back to the checkout page, will the system allow a duplicate entry?



Staff member
Hey Thomas,

1. Since the customer is already created, you can prefill the checkout page using the customer ID and send the checkout page link to the user. So, they don't have to fill in the same info again and can proceed directly with the payment.
If the user has been redirected to PayPal and then abandons the process, then in this case the Pabbly system creates an invoice. So, you can directly send them the pending invoice so they can complete the payment.

2. Yes, the system will create duplicate subscription records only since customer records are unique.

Hope this helps.