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Cohort Retention Report or Export


Can you please consider adding a data export so that users can generate a Cohort retention report.

This will enable us to see:
- How long customers stay subscribed on average
- Changes in subscription time by monthly new subscriptions (cohort)
- Calculate customer lifetime value
- Better plan customer acquisition costs

This item was already requested inn this thread:

It does not have to be a report on the Pabbly website a CSV data export function will already be extremely valuable

Here is a more detailed description:

A subscription cohort retention report is a report that tracks the retention rate of subscription customers over time, grouped by their sign-up date. This allows businesses to see how different groups of customers are behaving and identify areas where they can improve retention.

The report typically includes the following data:

Cohort: The group of customers who signed up for the subscription during a specific time period.
Retention rate: The percentage of customers in the cohort who are still active subscribers after a certain period of time.
Churn rate: The percentage of customers in the cohort who have canceled their subscriptions after a certain period of time.

The report can be further segmented by other factors, such as
- customer plan type,
- location, or
- acquisition channel.

This can help businesses to identify specific groups of customers who are at higher risk of churning and take steps to retain them.


A company may create a subscription cohort retention report that groups customers by their sign-up month.

The report shows that the retention rate for customers who signed up in January is 80% after 6 months, while the retention rate for customers who signed up in July is only 60% after 6 months. This suggests that the company is losing more customers who signed up in July than in January.

The company can then use this information to investigate why customers are churning in July at a higher rate than in other months. Once they identify the reasons, they can take steps to address them and improve retention.

Subscription cohort retention reports are a valuable tool for businesses that want to understand and improve their customer retention.

By tracking the retention rate of different groups of customers over time, businesses can identify areas where they need to focus their efforts to retain more customers and grow their subscription businesses.


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Thank you for your feedback. We will forward it as a feature request if we receive multiple similar requests, we will consider adding these feature. Your input is much appreciated.