Connect > Sheets Extension Not Working


Hello. The Connect > Sheets Webhook Extension is not working. I've tried just like in the past but the test does not function and saving it doesn't save and no results in Connect workflow. When I load the extension it immediately shows the error "No item with the given ID could be found. Possibly" before I can even paste in the webhook. I then ignore this and paste in the webhook URL from the Sheets trigger and the last column "Q" that has data but when I click sent test it doesn't work and submitting/saving doesn't work (this of course is after copying the trigger URL, seeing the "Waiting for webhook response" -- but nothing works like it has in the past. I've refreshed both the Sheet doc and Pabbly workflow, and deleted the workflow, added a new one and it all acts the same.


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Hey @jason

Kindly refer to the following video tutorial on how you can configure the Google Sheets trigger event, also do let us know at what part of the configuration you are facing such an issue.

(Watch the first part of the video)