Connecting to bubble application using a custom URL

I'm not able to get connections to working. My bubble app uses a custom URL, which means that the account credentials are differenent. I assume it is not working because Pabbly is adding "" to all connections.

Standard Domain's workflow API root URL
Input to Pabbly: applicationname

Custom Domain's workflow API root URL https://applicationcustomdomain/...api/1.1/wf
Input to Pabbly: ?

When I try putting in the application name it will connect to something, I think it is an inactive database. Because it says that it creates successfully, but the data doesn't appear in bubble, and I am able to retrieve the created data from bubble, but all the real data in bubble doesn't get retrieved.

Bubble (test mode) works a little better, it creates data, but Bubble (test mode) can only create and has limited utility.

Is there a way to connect pabbly with bubble apps using custom domains that I'm missing?