Creating/Updating contact from MySql query [ActiveCampaign]


I'm trying to build a workflow as explained below:
  • at a specific time (Schedule by Pabbly) a MySQL query runs (MySQL : Custom Query)
  • the contacts retrieved by the query are added/updated to a specific listo of ActiveCampaign (ActiveCampaign : Create or Update Contact)
The problem: the query retrieves several contacts but only the first is added/updated in ActiveCampaign.

Is there a way to perform the action to all contacts?

Thanks in advance


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Hey @888lorenzo

You can use the Iterator action step after the " MySQL: Custom Query" action step which will add the data one by one, though need to capture the data in advance format by toggling the "Simple Response" whcih will get the data in JSON format and that data can be used on Iterator action step.

Though we have configured the same in your workflow and would request you to give it a try.

I hope this might help you out.