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Direct Integration with New Zenler

I would love a direct integration with New Zenler so I may pull each sale (not enrollment) from the system and use it to track subscription MRR, etc.
Sadly, I just had to set this up with Zapier...
I know you do. I use it to get member information into Mailerlite. That's great! What I NEED is the capability to pull each individual sale - like every time a subscription goes through every month. This is not the same as the actions for when someone Enrolls in a course. They are already enrolled - and paying every month/quarter/year... This is the integration I'm looking for. It is available through Zapier, which is how I'm doing it now, but I'd love to see Pabbly do it too!


Hey @nicole watt

Could you please let us know exactly which trigger action you are using in Zapier to achieve this scenario? We will test this in the local environment and then suggest you best solution for your need.
As it turns out, it seems that Zapier is not doing what I need either.

What I am looking for is the ability to capture every financial transaction from New Zenler - whether that is a new single class, a new subscription, or a subscription renewal (monthly, quarterly, annually).

RIght now, I can only capture when a new course is purchased.

I can pull a report / csv file, and each member has a list of their financial transactions, so I know the data is there. I just can't find a way to automate it for reports!

If you could make this a reality, I would be so very grateful!


Hey @nicole watt

You can check all the available Triggers and Action events from the link - https://www.pabbly.com/connect/integrations/zenler/

We have all the action events available that were given by Zenler's API document. Could you please once check all the triggers and action events given in the above link?

Also, please find the public API document that lists all the triggers and actions. https://www.newzenler.com/api/documentation/public/api-doc.html

If you want to request for updating any existing integrations with triggers or action, please send us the request here and upvote it - https://pabbly.hellonext.co/b/Update-Existing-Application

I have thoroughly reviewed all the available triggers and actions. None provide what I'm looking for.

It looks like Zenler's API provides the information I'm looking for through the GET Get Sales Detailed Report

Ideally, it would allow a Trigger called "New Transaction". Every time a transaction is logged through GET Get Sales Detailed Report, I could send that line of information to any number of Actions.