Error using trading view webhook to excel


Hi, I have a macro enabled excel which is connected to Pabbly.

I have successfully added the provided webhook so that alerts generated by Trading View are used as the trigger to create a new excel row with that alert as the text.

Everything looks to be set up perfectly, but it isn't creating the new row in excel at all.

Instead I am getting this error "Bad Request - Error in query syntax."

Res3 Error InnerError Request-id 0b18c995-2ba2-41fb-a3e7-e8bdd31b811f

The test message that I am sending is
US30, 1 Greater Than Volume Weighted Average Price (Session, hlc3, 0, 1, 2, 3),23|test

Please advise:
1. Why it isn't working correctly, as everything looks to be set up perfectly
2. What I should use as a delimiter for the output to be separated into different columns



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Hey @Mattnz

It appears that in your MS excel sheet, you haven't mentioned any column header in it, and because of that the data you are passing is not working accordingly.

So, kindly add headers in your MS excel sheet and then try again.

(Watch the second part of the video)