Facebook lead ads to get response error


I've been trying all day to connect a facebook lead ads form to my get response email account so that lead submissions can be automatically sent an autoresponder campaign. When I go through all the steps and try to save the workflow i get this error message:

Http status code 202
Message - The application processed the request but returned a blank response. Refer to the HTTP status code above for details.

Anyone know what I need to do to troubleshoot this? Thanks


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Hey @adtaylor

The status code which you are getting in the API response is a success status of the API call.

Further, this is the status code coming from the API which states that the application has processed your request but is unable to show the response.

Additionally, the email is successfully added to the account. we can search for it in the Getresponse account by using search contact via email action.


Thanks for your response. I'm confused by what the search contact action does? Is the test email the only email that this action will take place? I will have several different emails being submitted into my lead form. I want every time a lead submits a response for that new email to be added to my list that sends them the autoresponder sequence. How can I achieve this?