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Flowlu Integration Suggested Important Optimization


Hello everyone,

I've been advised to ask for this here in the forum after I opened this discussion in the Facebook group.

I am currently testing Pabbly connect and trying to synchronize Trello with Flowlu for a specific project and from a specific board/list.
My intent is to send the tasks that I move to the list "To Do" in Trello to the workflow stage called "Up Next/To Do" in Flowlu. The tasks are being sent correctly (Despite few formatting issues in the description), but they are not linked to the right project.
What I intend to do is:
  1. Send the task and link it to the specific project workflow stage
  2. Add a specific tag to the task
What happens now is, when I send those tasks, I have to manually go to Flowlu, link them to the appropriate project, add the appropriate tag, and modify the workflow stage. I just wonder if the above can be automated using Pabbly / flowlu integration. I Hope I could clarify my idea
I tried adding an extra step to get the project ID, but the final step action in Flowlu integration doesn't have a field to link that task to a specific project.

Any help would be appreciated.






Active member
True, dunno if Pabbly team can manage this bus Flowlu has 3 fields so you can link tasks (or other databases) to another 1. Normally Pabbly will give you then the option to select modules and then the id of that module.
The latter seems to me the problem for this. It is simple to add fields like NeurodiverCity mentioned, but to display the projects is hard. That being said, it isn't necessary though.

How you can manage this now is following my solution:

FULL URL: https://company.flowlu.com/api/v1/module/task/tasks/create
RAW JSON: { "name": "BTW 2. Vat Return Name : 2021 2e kwartaal voor Ekkel Bouw en Renovatie Twenterand", "description": "BTW bedrag 2. Vat Return Total Amount Due Or To Be Refunded 5g : 674 Naar klant 2. Vat Return Vat Send To Client : 2021-07-12 Naar fiscus 2. Vat Return Vat Send To Tax Authority : 2021-07-13", "plan_start_date": "2. Vat Return Bookkeeping Received : 2021-07-12", "deadline": "2021-06-30", "project_stage_id":"6. Response Items 0 Stage Id : 10", "project_checkitem_id":"6. Response Items 0 Id : 28","crm_account_id":"3. Response Items 0 Customer Id : 390", "workflow_id":"1", "workflow_stage_id":"4", "cf_15":"2. Vat Return Id : 3005", "module" : "st", "model" : "project", "model_id": "3. Response Items 0 Id : 20" }

Use the fields you want, need.


Thank you so much Hermes and NeurodiverCity, it worked like charm, the task has been linked successfully to the right project, here is the RAW Json that worked thanks to you:
{ "name": "2. Name : XXXXXXX", "description": "2. Desc : XXXXX", "module" : "st", "model" : "project", "model_id": "2" }