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Google Drive - making a copy of a Google Sheet it is not sharing the same permissions and protections of the sheets and ranges with the other editors

Action: Google Drive
Event: Copy A File


When a Google Sheets file is copied the copy is missing the permissions and protections of the original


In this scenario, I am looking at the original document that I am trying to copy.

If I open and view the protected sheets and ranges, I have selected certain range editing permissions.
See: screenshot-2023-12-14-150102-png.35295

When I open the google sheet and share it I have the option to "share it with the same people". By doing so all the functionality of the sheet remains intact and as intended.
See: screenshot-2023-12-14-150150-png.35297

When a copy of the file in Pabbly is made using the

Action: Google Drive
Event: Copy A File

The sheet is still shared with the same people, but they are no longer able to edit the protected ranges. Their permissions are gone.
See: screenshot-2023-12-14-145856-png.35296

If they try to edit anything, they receive this message.
See: screenshot-docs-google-com-2023-12-14-14_50_45-png.35294

How do I ensure all the permissions and protections of the original sheet are applied to the copy?


  • screenshot-docs.google.com-2023.12.14-14_50_45.png
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  • Screenshot 2023-12-14 150102.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-14 150102.png
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  • Screenshot 2023-12-14 145856.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-14 145856.png
    260.3 KB · Views: 31
  • Screenshot 2023-12-14 150150.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-14 150150.png
    228 KB · Views: 31


Staff member
Hi @J.B. Murdock,

Currently, there is no action event in the Google Drive action step that could help you apply the original permissions and protections to a copy of a file. If you would like this endpoint to be added to Google Drive, you can submit your request on our dedicated platform: https://pabbly.featureos.app/b/Integration-Request

Our integrations team will review your request and, if possible, add the desired endpoint/feature to the Google Drive action step.

For now, you can try using the 'Google Drive: Share a File' action event as a workaround to grant editing permissions. Please note that you won't be able to specify an editable range using this action event. This is just a workaround and not the exact solution for your concern.