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How can we set a workflow muting its own weebhook since it's computing data


Hi everyone, apologizes first for the English skills.
I' will try my best to explain my issue.
I created a workflow triggered by a Monday.com webhook (event : on item name changed)
This renames also a Sheet file in Google Drive.
I find all rows in a Monday board where names matches previous value
Then im using an iterator to run a foreach loop : Rename every row to target value.

Untill there everything goes well.
I run a test on a case where i have 3 instances with same name in a Monday board, and one file in a Drive folder.
I change the first one name's, and the two other got their name updated aswell, so is the Sheet file, right.
But then I checked my workflow history and i saw 3 new lines : 1 Succes and two partial fails.

Here's my issue, while the loop is running, the webhook is called everytime this happens, generating as many runs as items renamed.
So i would need to have to ability to stop listening to the webhook since the workflow has not finished iterating jobs.
Or create a rule that does not allow tu run multiple instances of this workflow simultaneously, with no queue, killing other threads.

Ideas are welcome !


Maybe this will help you to understand :
My last step is an action (rename monday item) witch triggers the monday webhook (first step)
So every time an SQ is renamed, the workflow is called again, and will fail after

I want to disable webhook listening (step 1) untill last step is reached.


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I want to disable webhook listening (step 1) untill last step is reached.
We checked upon your concern and it is not possible to halt the trigger event for any certain instance.

We tried a small workaround with the Counter action step which rotates the number in every execution but that too will not hold/ process the execution afterward.