How to connect with post API which is a simple payload non json

How to connect it:​

API Registration​

Want to use aEvent to fulfill on a training / offer / product? Want to register via API? Here's how. (Advanced Users Only)

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Please complete our API registration request form prior to setup:

Once you have received your API secret for registration, you will need to POST the following (simple payload non json):

* secret: (your supplied API secret - Provided by Support on Approval)
* name: Firstname (+ Lastname if desired)
* email:
phone: (with country code)
* wtl:

* == required. If no webinarid is provided, system will register for next upcoming webinar relating to WTL.

(Retrieve your tenant ID by referencing the form provided in your timeline. Retrieve your WTL by opening your timeline and grabbing the alpha-numeric value in the query/address bar).


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Hey @shahidul islam pranto

Kindly share the complete API documentation of the application which you wanted to implement along with the name of the workflow in which you have tried the same.