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How to send message to customers only once?

I created a workflow which goes like this. So trigger is a scheduler which will run on every monday at 10 am, then i am extracting data from excel and sending template message of whatsapp using interakt. Now what i want to do is that if the person is added to the excel this message only go once to him and next week monday the message will only go to the newly added customers who haven't received this message. How can do it?


Staff member
Hi @Nishantmib57,

The use case you are describing is not possible because there is no way to instruct the workflow to start capturing data from a specific row of your spreadsheet, which would result in messages being sent to individuals who were added earlier as well.

However, if you are entering the data of individuals one by one into your spreadsheet, to whom you want to send messages, you can use the workflow given below as an alternative.

This is how it works:

1. You need to enter the data of the person to whom you want to send messages in Google Sheets, ensuring that you have a column with the current date. Pabbly Connect will capture this data through the Google Sheets: New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger event.


2: To make sure that the messages are sent on the upcoming Monday, add the provided Code to your workflow, which will determine the date of the next Monday and Delay the workflow until then.
import datetime

def next_monday(date):
    if date.weekday() == 0:  # if input date is already a Monday
        days_to_next_monday = 7  # add 7 days to get to the next Monday
        days_to_next_monday = (7 - date.weekday()) % 7  # calculate days until next Monday
    next_monday = date + datetime.timedelta(days=days_to_next_monday)
    return next_monday

# Example usage
input_date = datetime.date(2023, 5, 14)  # May 14, 2023
next_monday_date = next_monday(input_date)
print("Input date:", input_date)
print("Next Monday date:", next_monday_date)

3. Add Interarkt as the action event to send WhatsApp messages.

The Workflow

Please let me know if you have any questions or if this solution meets your use case.