Integration gohighlevel with Google sheet

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Hi there. I just wanted to create a complex scenario and before jumping on the lifetime deal with Pabbly. Just checking if there is a solution for this.

1) When someone books an appointment in gohighlevel, it creates a record in google Sheets.
2) If that same person cancel or no show for that appointment, as we update in ghl, it removes that same person from the appointment booked record in google sheet and create a record in a separate tab "cancel/noshow pipeline" in the google sheet creating a record.
3) Lastly, all record has a number applied to them as 1.

Is this possible?


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Hey @mjthien34

For your usecase, it will take 2 workflows -

1 Workflow - you can simply record the appointments from your GHL.

2. Workflow - Here you can refer to the following video tutorial on how you can build the logic for the same.

Kindly try this at your end and let us know if that works for you.
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