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Item numbers to Line items



My workflow is here; https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTY5MDYzNjA0Mzc1MjZkNTUzMDUxM2Ii_pc

The woocommerce order is sent to Monday. I would like the line items to be numbered. In Monday.com I have these columns 'LineItemNo' and 'LineNo'

If there are 6 items in the woocommerce order the array get count function puts '6' in the 'LineItemNo'. So there are 6 lines in Monday.com all with '6' in 'LineItemNo'

I would like each line in Monday.com numbered with the line items from the woocommerce order and entered in to 'LineNo'. So each line would like like the attached.
Screenshot 2023-12-06 141629.png

How do I achieve this please?

Thank you


Active member
For LineItem No. I would recommend you to use Code Action By pabbly connect in which you need to pass Array, which'll count the number of items in cart. And For Line number You can use Number Formatter by pabbly connect in which you can select Count event. Giving you screen shot for reference.

Pass the number of count in "Reset Counter After Reaching Certain Final Value" . You can skip it if you want.
If you are still not able to solve this on your own feel free to DM me and we can do a free zoom call. FYI I'm not from Pabbly Connect team, just a freelancer who helps other Pabbly users.


I have tried to create this and not sure if it is working as in Monday if there are multiple line items they are now showing in 1 line item and not spread over multiple lines.

Xero is now creating multiple line items which is correct but 2 of the same invoice....

If the offer of a free video call is convenient that would be great, thank you!


Active member
Hello @SirAlan , I can guide you in free zoom call. But if you want me to develop whole thing for you it's chargeable. You can dm me Or mail me if it's feasible for you.


Thank you, appreciate your help, if you can guide me on Zoom that would be great, we can then see what other areas you can help in as we are trying to move all automations from make to pabbly. Do you have any availability today, I am GMT time zone