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Iterator with Google Doc


Dear Community

We are trying to use
1. Webhook
2. Iterator
3. Google Doc
to populate a table in google doc from doc template. Any advise how we can do it?

We are not sure how we should name the fields {{ }} in Google doc to fill in the values from iterator

Google Doc link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fBvXcGfAZYi_BwmyeKaSZQrgGEUJ2SMJr02mfc-ixtk/edit#

We have tried Format 1, but the fields required to be match does not look right. See Format 1 & Format 1 to Match Fields

We have tried Format 2, and the result is in Format 2 result.

We are restricting the number of rows to be 5 i.e 5 item max.

Any advise is welcome and willing to look for paid freelancer to help on this.


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  • Format 1.jpg
    Format 1.jpg
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  • Format 1 to Match Fields.jpg
    Format 1 to Match Fields.jpg
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  • Format 2.jpg
    Format 2.jpg
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  • Format 2 Result.jpg
    Format 2 Result.jpg
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This is the value from Webhook. Have amended the Key to follow the key in google doc table.

"Desc":"test 2",
}, {
"FeeName":"School Fee (Full Day)",
"Desc":"School Fee ",
}, {
"FeeName":"Nursery Full Day",
"Desc":"Nursery Full Day",
}, {
"FeeName":"test subsidy",
"Desc":"test description",
, {
"FeeName":"Full Day WM",
"Desc":"For Day Working Mother",

Is this correct?


  • Format.jpg
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Hey @ichilddev

In Google Docs you should use the data labels in a unique manner instead of using a similar name for every parameter.

Please check the following screenshot and then try again accordingly.

We have tried and it is working fine.




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Meaning I have to mapped each value from webhook to the doc individually, and iterator won't populate line by line?
Yes, you need to map the individual labels in terms to pass the data in every passed parameter in your Google Docs.