Jira to Clickup (Question on how to handle the ticket that is mark completed)



I have just create a workflow to create task in clickup and a ticket is created in JIRA. This is the first workflow.

For the second workflow, i would like to change the status of the task in clickup when jira ticket status change to "closed". So i have few question before proceeding to it:
1) the status in jira is different than in clickup. For example in jira its call "closed" but in clickup its call "completed". With this different, will pabbly workflow able to do a match?

2) How to u search the similar matching in clickup and jira? Both jira and clickup has different TASK ID to distinguish each task/ticket. How will pabble able to do the matching correctytly?

3) How would pabbly handle the matching if a task is appear in jira and not found in the clickup. Assuming item no.2 is solved.


Staff member
Hey @bryansu

1. Yes, you can apply the filter in the workflow if Jira Status = Closed then you can put the status in the ClickUp as Completed.

2. You will get the status in Jira so that once you have status as closed then you will do the matching in ClickUp as well.

3. Could you please elaborate on your request in brief?