Mailchimp - add New Member with custom fields - email not sending to Mailchimp

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Hi folks

I'm having an issue with a Mailchimp Action.
I'm taking a form submission from Jotform via Webhook. No problems at all.
I'm then looking for the email address in Mailchimp (actually using an Update query and trapping if it's not found).
Then filtering, and Adding a New Member to a specific list with custom fields.
When that final step runs, this is what I am passing to Mailchimp (email address is dummy data but validly formatted):
Screenshot 2021-08-20 105410.png

I also tried just an email address as text, and both came with this error from Mailchimp:

Screenshot 2021-08-20 105520.png

For some reason, Mailchimp is not receiving the email address - just a blank value?

If you have a chance to look into this it would be great :)



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Hey @TimPonting

We looked into your workflow and it seems like you have inserted a full stop while passing the tag in both Mailchimps action steps. Although we have corrected it for you and it is working fine.

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