Manage Multiple Businesses with a single Pabbly Subscription Billing Account

Pabbly allows to sell the services by creating products & plans. So, you can set up businesswise products and plans.
For example, you sell 3 different products via 3 different businesses. So you can create 3 different products in Pabbly Subscription Billing for your respective businesses.

--> Under these 3 different business products, you can define different pricing plans for your products. For each plan, a unique checkout page will be generated. To let your customers differentiate between your businesses, you can customize the checkout pages according to the respective business products.

--> Pabbly subscription also helps you to give your customers a flawless checkout experience without being redirected anywhere. You can now embed your Pabbly checkout page on your website without any hassle or you can use the "Pop-up checkout page" feature in our system.
Both these options will eliminate the need for a custom domain to show your branding.

--> Also, you can customize product-wise Invoices so the customer purchasing the #2 business product will see the #2 business branding only on the invoice.

--> Email Notification System is an automated feature of Pabbly Subscriptions that notifies the customer and the merchant about the different actions via emails.
Hence, you can also customize these email templates accordingly.

--> Pabbly provides you with an option to connect plan-wise payment gateways. With this excellent option, you can create plans for your products with dedicated Payment Gateway options. You can connect different payment gateways for your different businesses so that the amount collected from one business can be collected separately in one account.
This guide explains how you can add Payment Gateways plan-wise in Pabbly Subscription Billing -

--> Also, to fetch and manage the stats of each business separately, you can filter the stats product/plan-wise since each product will be representing a different business. You can use the filter provided on the dashboard and filter out the stats accordingly.