MindBody connection is duplicating events



I recently setup a connection to create a new event in Outlook when an appointment is booked in MindBody. I was able to set everything up and get the connection working. However, when I create an event in MindBody it now duplicates the events in Outlook.

I did some research on your forums and found this article: https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/google-cal-stop-duplicate-events.2649/

I followed the advice in configuring my own filter. Unfortunately, it did not solve things. I still get duplicate events...

Can you help me?


Staff member
Hey @scbeacham

It seems like you have twice click on Save and Send Test Request in Mindbody app because of which two webhook request have been generated inside Mindbody. That's the reason you are getting duplicate events in the mindbody with different MessageID. We have added the below warning text in the section.


You can now make this workflow as inactive and then create a new workflow and make sure that you have to click on Save and send Test request only once. You can recapture webhook response multiple times to get the data.




You are 100% right! I have rebuilt the plugin, and even used a router to add more functionality! It works now as expected without duplication! That said, I happened to use up a majority of our free tasks in all the initial testing and setup and when I went to show it to the therapy tech's in our studio who would be using it, it stopped working! (Also, MindBody turned off my connection because of multiple denied requests!) :(
My CEO is out sick and will be back in next week (hopefully), when I show him I would like to have a working connection. Are you able to reset my free tasks so I can demo a working connection?

Thank you again so much for your help! Super excited for what Pabbly can do for our company! :D