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Missing information for Aryeo

I’m in Process of looking through, if Pabbly is a feasible alternative for Zapier.

Here are the things missing:
1. Polling trigger method, Zapier is Instant.

2. Limited Information for order, such as:
No Client Information
No Order Package Information
No Add-on package information
No Shoot appointment Information
No Order Notes

3. List of events available on Zapier from Aryeo but not on Pabbly:

- Appointment Assigned (Triggers when an Appointment is assigned to a user in your Account.)
- Appointment Canceled (Triggers when an Appointment is Canceled in your Account.)
- Appointment Rescheduled (Triggers when an Appointment is Rescheduled in your Account.)
-Appointment Scheduled (Triggers when an Appointment is Scheduled in your Account.)
-Appointment Unassigned (Triggers when a user is unassigned from an Appointment in your Account.)
-Customer Created (Triggers when a new customer is created in Aryeo.)
-Customer Updated (Triggers when a customer is updated in Aryeo.)
-Order Created (Triggers when a new Order is created in your Aryeo account.)
-Order Fulfilled (Triggers when a new Order is fulfilled in your Aryeo account.)
-Order Paid (Triggers when a new Order is paid in your Aryeo account.)


Staff member
Hi @Realta Marketing,

If you want these trigger events to be added to the Aryeo application, you can submit your request on our dedicated platform.
Our integrations team will look into your request and, if possible, add the desired trigger events.

In the meantime, if Aryeo supports webhooks, you can try using Webhook by Pabbly to achieve your use case.
This is zapier & every action is instant here. No sure why you guys are making things so complicated. I have been on emails back & forth but not sure why you are being so difficult to work with.

These issues already exist on your roadmap with your team commenting that they are working on it. That comment is from 4 months ago, don’t know what does that mean.

If there’s an easier route, let me know. Otherwise it looks like I’m going in circles.


  • Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 4.03.14 PM.png
    Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 4.03.14 PM.png
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Staff member
I have informed the team about your request from my end as well. For now, I recommend using Webhook by Pabbly for these trigger events.


Staff member
Please reach out to Aryeo's support team to inquire about their support for webhooks and its implementation. Currently, we don't have a direct webhook-based integration with Aryeo, so unfortunately, I won't be able to provide assistance with that.