Pabbly Connect : convertkit data error

se yung

The phone number field value entered by the subscriber while subscribing to the convert kit is omitted by 3 out of 10 revisions.

There is about a 30% chance of missing it.

Note that
In the beginning
When I linked the convertkit to Pabbly Connect, it didn't work all at once, but after several attempts, I finally connected it.

why is this problem happening
How can I solve this?

Please refer to the photo below.

I am currently trying to purchase a Lifetime Account, but I am very disappointed with this frequent error and have not purchased a Lifetime Account.


전화번호 미싱1.jpg


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Hey @se yung

The Convertkit's trigger event is a pooling-based webhook trigger that only captures the webhook response once send by the application itself.

If your event is not arriving properly and not getting captured inside Pabbly Connect there is a good chance that it is not be sent to Pabbly Connect. In cases like these, you will have to contact the Convertkit team to see why your event is not being sent from Convertkit.

So for better output from Convertkit, you can use the "ConvertKit: Find a Subscriber" action step after the trigger event whereas Convertkit might get a proper time to feed the complete data on the platform after a min.


se yung

You added a 1-minute delay and a find subscriber step as shown in the picture below.

Can you explain in more detail what exactly this step means?

Why did you include the Find Subscriber Step?
Can't you just add a 1 minute delay?