Pabbly Customer for SaaS with Users & Organizations model (Multiple billing addresses)

Hello together,

As probably some SaaS solutions are organized or you know it maybe from AWS, Google Cloud, etc., we have users and organizations (projects). This means:
The user [email protected] has a user account with us, he can create several orgnizations with his user account and every organization needs a subscription.
  • User: [email protected]
    • Organization: Company A -> Pabbly subscription
    • Organization: Company B -> Pabbly subscription
    • Organization: Company C -> Pabbly subscription
Approach 1 (user account based)
For the user [email protected] we will create a Pabbly customer and he will have 3 subscriptions in it (for Company A, B and C).
Problem: since we are in B2B business, the user also wants the billing address of the respective organization for each of the 3 subscriptions (not the same for all 3 subscriptions).

Approach 2 (organization based)
We would not create a Pabbly Customer for the user, but for each Organization.
Problem: Here we have the problem that we have to ask for 3 different email addresses from [email protected] and that it is generally much more complicated and maybe not the idea of Pabbly.

So our question is, what is Pabbly's recommended solution to this? We are sure that there are some customers with such a setup (accounts & organizations). Or how can we make it so that the customer can specify a different billing address per subscription?



Hello Joel,

We suggest you go with approach 1. Different subscriptions can have different addresses, only the customer email will be the same.
For this to achieve, you need to create a subscription through the chechout page by filling in details or Or you can use the Create Customer With Subscription API -
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Can you tell me exactly, how we can adjust an address for a subscription? Do you have the API reference for that?
I only found the option to change the billing address for a customer and not subscription related.



Hello Joshua,

The Billing address can be different for each subscription. In order to achieve this, you will need to create a subscription by checking out through the checkout page. The customer details will be the same but you can change the shipping/billing address as per your need.

Or you can use the Create Customer With Subscription API -
where you can pass different billing address while creating the subscription.

Hope this clarifies.
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