Pabbly & LeadConnector - All custom fields incorrectly filled



I'm building my first connection (using Pabbly) to pass webhook info from a Wordpress popup to the HighLevel CRM. The info being collected in the form is: First Name, Last Name, Email. That data is successfully being transferred, but HighLevel also shows that all of my custom field radio questions are being answered.
I saw that Pabbly's field matching step includes a tip about leaving certain fields blank (the fields that have the "map" toggle so one can manually type something in). So I've tried sending test leads through after toggling the "map" option on and manually deleting the information in the field. When I run a test of the workflow in Pabbly, the lead's info is being sent over to HL but all of these radio fields have answers as if the lead answered the other forms that the questions exist on. I tried the test again with the "map" toggles set to off within Pabbly and the same issue came up in HL.
I hope this explanation is clear enough. Have any of you fixed or avoided this issue?


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Hey @Eden

Currently leaving the field blank will not populate the answer to store in the GHL account, so simply you need to toggling on the "Map" button and erasing the text will help you.

Note: While mapping the data in the radio field make sure that option exists in the radio field options.