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1. Donation Feature
2. Flat Fee
3. Per Unit
4. Tiered
5. Volume
6. Stairstep
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Other improvement in the application.
1. Add external subscription to user with variable pricing
2. Bump, UpSell, DownSell
3. Checkout page Correction.
4. Add Note on Invoice
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Plan Type - All Discussion
1. Pay What You Want

-> If I am adding a minimum price amount while creating the plan, the customer can't add the plan amount less than that amount.

For example ->
Minimum amount = $10, then the customer can't add the plan amount less than $10 on the checkout page.

2. Digital File Upload Option ->

-> Direct Browse the file
-> Directly add the file link.

On the thank you page, you'll see the option to download this file.

3. Ships To option ->
1. According to the merchant's country
2. Or no restriction according to the countries for shipping

Also, add the shipping amount charges as per the customer's location.

4. Setup fee ->

-> Fixed Setup Fee
-> Plan quantity-wise setup fee

5. Free Trial ->

-> Days
-> Months

6. Billing Cycle ->

-> Day
-> Week
-> Month
-> Year

7. Free Quantity ->
Add the free quantity number, above that number the customer will be charged with the plan amount.

8. Show strike-through plan amount on the checkout page.

9. Monthly & Today's price charges ->
Example: If today's price is $10 & the monthly price is $25, then the customer who subscribes today will be charged $10 immediately and then $25 every month until cancel.

10. Quantity Limit Option ->
For example, if the quantity limit = 100, only 100 customers can process the payment via this checkout page.
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