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Printful Integration missing thread color options



I have created a workflow that will take an order from SpreadSimple and create an order in Printful. I managed to create all the contact form details and products details that are required in the Printful integration. However, after sending a test request I receive a 400 error that says:
Item 0: thread_colors or thread_colors_3d option is missing or incorrect! Allowed values: #FFFFFF, #000000, #96A1A8, #A67843, #FFCC00, #E25C27, #CC3366, #CC3333, #660000, #333366, #005397, #3399FF, #6B5294, #01784E, #7BA35A
I don't say a field in the Printful section that allows me to enter a value for thread colors. What can I do to enter the missing information and create the order?

Thank you
John S.


  • screencapture-pabbly-workflow-printfulproduct-nomapping.png
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Hey @soujohn

In the Printful: Create Order action step, you should input the Products' ID and Variant's ID in their designated fields rather than using their names.

E.g. -



Hi Supreme,

Thank you very much for the response. I was not able to fix the issue that I'm having, but I do think I've found the answer I needed. Two things:

  • You were absolutely correct. In order to correctly submit an order to Printful I needed to enter the product ID number and the variant ID number for that product instead of the product and variant name. By putting those values in my spreadsheet I was able to map it to the required fields.
  • This now allows me to successfully submit an order to Printful with all the required information they need for a DTG(Direct to Garment) print job
  • Even after using the product and variant ID number in the Printful: Create order step action I still do not have a field to enter the thread_colors. This is the error that I was receiving in the original post
  • It turns out that submitting an order for an embroidery job is not available via the current Printful API

At least now I know that I can connect SpreadSimple with Printful, but I can only use the connection for DTG prints. Thanks again.


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Hey @soujohn

Thank you for the information and your understanding. It appears that you've provided the Product ID and Variants ID as needed, and it seems to be functioning well within Printful's workflow.