problem receiving messages in the WhatsApp API webhook connection


There is a problem receiving messages in the WhatsApp connection of the WhatsApp API
Once a message is received, dozens of messages are sent in Workflow

I created a workflow of receiving the messages sent to the WhatsApp number of the WhatsApp API, and once it is received it is sent dozens of times,
What can be done to have it sent once?
The workflow I created and it happens is called - Receiving messages WhatsApp Cloud API



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Hey @uriel

The "WhatsApp Cloud API: Message Notification" trigger event is a descriptive-based webhook trigger that only receives the data once send by the Cloud API server and Pabbly cannot manipulate or interfere with any incoming data.

Though as a workaround we would recommend you to store the same data in your Google Sheets with the "Add New Row " action step and then we can validate the data with the help of the Lookup Action step.